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Morning Somatics
Preschool Music & Dance
Vocal Ensembles



3.30-4.00pm  |  Jr Vocals 5-6 yrs

4.00-4.45pm | Vocal Ensemble 7-9 yrs

4.45-5.30pm | Tween Vocal Ensemble 10-12 yrs

5.30-6.15pm | Teen Vocal Ensemble 13-16 yrs

7.00-8.00pm | Raglan Vocalizers

                        Adult Vocal Ensemble



7.30-8.30am  | Morning Somatics

9.30-10.00am | Preschool Music & Dance 1 1/2-3 yrs

10.00-10.45am | Preschool Music & Dance 3-4 yrs 

10.00-10.45am | Preschool Music & Dance 3-4 yrs 

3.30-4.00pm  |  Jr Vocals 5-6 yrs

4.00-4.45pm | Vocal Ensemble 7-9 yrs

4.45-5.30pm | Tween Vocal Ensemble 10-12 yrs

5.30-6.15pm | Teen Vocal Ensemble 13-16 yrs


dancers contact hands in contact improvisation against a background of jam performance int
Thursday 7.30-8.30am
Raglan Old School Arts Centre

$120 for 10 week term
A unique blend of dance and exercise
A gentle morning session for a mindful beginning to your day. Engage in guided somatic processes to regulate stress, release body tension, and enhance flexibility and coordination. By listening to the unique gifts of your own body and moving consciously, you are invited to express your authentic self through dance.
  • Creative dance and movement 
  • A range of physical and mental benefits
  • Pain relief
  • Stress relief
  • Increased emotional awareness
  • Better posture and alignment
  • Better balance
Join us for Term 1  (11 weeks)
Commit for the term and enjoy the benefits of starting your day the right way.

Suitable for all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

Wear: comfy stretchy clothing
Bring:  yoga mat and drink bottle

Free trial available if it's your first time 


As a dance researcher and performance artist, Johanna Claus’ interests lie in accessing the self-regulating processes within the body and exploring the poetics of dance in different contexts and settings. Her work currently entails publishing her PhD at the University of Waikato.


Johanna is a music educator with a master's in Music Pedagogy, incorporating Dalcroze Eurhythmics and Orff Schulwerk.

She is passionate about establishing inclusive and holistic learning environments where students learn a wide range of skills and abilities.


These encompass musicality, rhythm, movement, music theory, physical and mental well-being, imagination, creativity, social skills, mental balance, relaxation, intellectual and physical agility, and concentration.

Johanna will be taking all classes on offer at Raglan, where she resides.
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30 min class once a week
$80 per 10 week term

45 min class once a week
$120 per 10 week term

Grounded in the methods of Dalcroze Eurhythmics and Orff Schulwerk, this class nurtures a love for music and dance from a young age.  

This holistic approach nurtures all the fundamental aspects needed to grow them into choosing an instrument to pursue further when they are ready. It also promotes physical and emotional well-being by providing a means for creative expression through music and dance.


Bringing attention to the world of sound, rhythm, movement, singing, actions, and play, in these sessions, students will develop in-tune singing using hand signs, play a range of percussion and melodic instruments and learn to express their creativity through dance. 

They also begin conventional music literacy starting with pictorial notation and leading towards conventional notation.

Our older students will also get tasters of instruments such as xylophones, ukulele, recorder and hand drums.

No practice is required during the week.

A free trial is available if it's your first time.

Music and Dance ages 1 1/2 - 3
Thursday 9.30-10.00

Music and Dance ages 3-4
Thursday 10.00-10.45

Music and Dance ages 4 1/2-5
Thursday 11.00-11.45


Tuesday or Thursday

3.30-4.00pm  |  Jr Vocals 5-6 yrs

4.00-4.45pm  | Vocal Ensemble 7-9 yrs

4.45-5.30pm  | Tween Vocal Ensemble 10-12 yrs

5.30-6.15pm  | Teen Vocal Ensemble 13-16 yrs

Limited to 4 students per ensemble

 7.00-8.00pm  | Raglan Vocalizers | Adult Vocal Ensemble

Limited to 12 people

Quality vocal training for people of all ages and abilities

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Benefits of Group Ensembles
  • Economical fees
  • Students can learn in a social and encouraging environment with students of a similar age and ability level
  • Students will develop listening skills and learn to sing in sync, while having opportunities to collaborate and work as a team
First time TRIAL SESSION available 

Jr Vocals 5-6
30 min | $150 per 10 week term

Vocal Ensemble
45 min | $220 per 10 week term

Raglan Vocalizers
Adult Vocal Ensemble
$150 per | 10 week term


Discover the transformative power of ensemble singing - a celebration of joyful togetherness that resonates through body and heart.


In these sessions, tailored to different ages and levels, students learn techniques to unleash the full potential of their voice. From a repertoire of diverse songs to captivating choreographies, students get prepared to perform and share their passion with a wider audience.


The technical part of the program is based on developing awareness of the voice and how it functions as an instrument. Students will learn how to warm up their voices in preparation for singing and be provided with a range of scales and vocal workouts to develop vocal range and technique. Technical training will include, posture, breath control, onset of tone, consistency of tone, increase of vocal range, and support.



The performance part of the program is focused on developing on-stage performance skills. Students will have the opportunity to develop confidence by performing in front of an audience. Performance training will include stage movement and use of the stage, mic technique, expression, consistent energy and storytelling, and advice on appropriate costumes.


A fun, engaging adult vocal ensemble
Being part of a choir is a great opportunity to develop your vocal technique and musical knowledge.  Joining a group demands responsibility, commitment, practice and, of course, a couple of times will happen that your friends/family have a dinner or a night out and you can’t make it because you have a practice, rehearsal or a performance coming up.  It’s all part of the fun in being in this group.

All members coming together as a whole to sing in harmony through listening to others is the main goal.  You will develop confidence in yourself, in singing with others and in performing to others.  And most of all, have pure fun singing together.

Suitable for all ages and abilities
No experience required

Free trial available

Raglan Vocalizers
$170 per | 10 week term

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