Ages 5-13



Ages 3 - 4


Art classes for AGES 3-4 are 45 minute sessions once a week.


Classes for our young artists are designed to include many hands on approaches to learning the elements of art. By exploring a variety of mediums they will learn basic principles of colour theory, line, shape and pattern, and will start to build observational skills. Directed drawing classes are often included, and are a huge success with the kids as they feel accomplished and are able to take home work they are proud of. These classes will also build foundational skills with tools such as pens, pastels, paintbrushes, scissors, glue and more.

Materials used will include fine art supplies and mixed media. 

Preschool classes require an adult to attend per child.



Art classes for AGES 5-13 are held in 60 minute sessions once a week.


Through exposure to the elements of art (colour theory, line, shape, pattern, perspective etc.) these classes give young artists the tools to create and explore, easily producing beautiful work that they can be proud of. There will be many exciting, hands-on projects to develop their individuality, independence, and self-expression, including learning and drawing inspiration from the work of famous artists to create their own.

Art classes for AGES 14+ are held in 60-90 minute sessions once a week.

This course is designed to expand and develop existing knowledge of art and design principles and techniques. Through exercises, drawing studies and projects, each principal will be easily mastered and demonstrated. Elements covered will include: Colour, Line, Shape, Form, Texture, Perspective, Pattern etc. Within these classes we will also cover a range of mediums and how they are used, and use techniques to break down different subject matter until they are easily drawn or painted. Occasionally we will even leave the classroom to study from life itself, as of course nature is the best inspiration!

Artists will be supplied with a sketchbook. Materials used will include fine art supplies, found objects and mixed media.



For ages 14+ and adults, we offer specialised one-off workshops and multiple week courses. These classes include all materials and are suitable for both beginners and those more experienced.


Current classes include:

Beginner Watercolour and Ink - 5 weeks

Beginner Portrait Drawing - 8 weeks

Beginner Figure Drawing - 8 weeks

If you would like more information about upcoming classes, check out our Workshops Page or send us an enquiry.


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