About our Art Classes

Through exposure to the Elements and Principles of Art, our classes give young artists the tools to create and explore, easily producing beautiful work that they can be proud of. There will be many exciting, hands-on projects to develop their individuality, independence, and self-expression, including learning and drawing inspiration from History, Art History, Geography, Different Cultures, Literature and more.

3-4 years

45 min class once a week

These classes for our little artists are designed to include structured, hands-on approaches to learning art. By exploring a variety of mediums they will learn foundational principles of colour theory, line, shape, and pattern, and will start to build observational skills. We often include directed drawing as this develops listening and comprehension skills. These classes will also build foundational skills with art tools.

An adult is required to attend with each student.

5-9 years

60 min class once a week

Our young artists will master basic art tools and equipment such as paintbrushes, pastels, chalks, scissors, glue, various paints, and more. They will gain an understanding of the Elements of Art, and how they are portraying these within their artwork. We will work on independant listening and comprehension skills, while improving observational skills and critical thinking.


10-12 years

90 min class once a week

After mastering the basic art tools and equipment, these students will have opportunities to work with more advanced tools and techniques often used in art making. They will have a good understanding of the Elements of Art, and will be learning how to include the Principles of Design within their artwork. We will provide opportunities for independent working to implement their knowledge of techniques and use critical thinking skills to make self-deduced improvements.

13+ years

90 min class once a week

These classes are designed to expand and develop existing knowledge of Art and Design principles and techniques. Each term will have a chosen topic that is nominated by the students and will be explored through exercises, drawing studies, and finished projects. Within these classes we will also cover a range of art mediums with advanced techniques, with the students preparing for and finishing their own works to a high standard.


The Excite Art Department hosts an Exhibition once a year, usually at the end of Term 3, for all the Excite Art students who contribute artwork to the event.


We include an opening night for students, friends, and family with many fun activities and awards, and then two days of viewing open to the public.


Students will collect their work after the event.



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