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Programmes + Workshops

About our Holiday Sessions

Our enrichment programmes give children the opportunity to experience our Visual and Performing Art disciplines in the holidays, while carefully balancing education with fun to make sure they still get a welcome break from school! They will be able to learn new skills, meet new friends, and bring home 'Excite'ing projects and stories from their time with us.

Holiday Art Workshops

Ages 5-9 years (or by request)



In these workshops, children will spend a minimum of 4 hours each day creating Art, and will complete 1-2 projects per day.


The day will start with icebreakers to make the children feel more comfortable, there will be supervised breaks and lunch times (outdoors if possible), and an activity session mid-day to get the children up and moving.


As each day is a stand alone, all work completed will be ready to take home that day.

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