We currently offer 30 - 45 min sessions for

Vocals  |  Ukulele  |  Drums  Violin  |  Viola
Piano  |  Keyboard  |  Guitar  |  Bass  |  Electric Guitar

Exams for instruments are available at the student's request, however at Excite Academy our focus is on learning to not only play, but perform.


Every year we offer opportunities to perform in Music Recitals held at the end of each term - an informal way to start performing in front of an audience of friends and family, and to hear other Excite Academy students. Our End of Year Concert is an opportunity for select students to perform in collaborative items across all of our Performing Arts disciplines.

"group or individual?"
Benefits of Group Sessions
  • Economical fees
  • Students can learn in a social and encouraging environment with students of a similar age and ability level
  • Students will also develop listening skills and learn to play in sync, while having opportunities to collaborate and work as a team
Benefits of Individual Sessions
  • Quality one-on-one learning with the teacher
  • Ideal for older and/or more experienced learners
  • Recommended for exam students
Students who are beginners or have been learning for less than 6 months in a group environment will begin with a group introduction session.

Students who are not beginners or have been learning for more than 6 months in a group environment will begin with an individual assessment session.

"Should my 3-6 year old be learning an instrument?"

While many children are very interested in music at a young age, they can often find it difficult to learn one instrument for an extended period of time in one sitting, and do not make progress quickly without devoting time to practicing.

As alternative, we recommend the Early Learners Music Development Programme, an awesome 45 minute class once a week with no homework! Find more information on these classes below.

You can still request instrument lessons for this age group, however we may assess suitability depending on the child and the instrument.

Intro to music
for 3-7 years

45 min class once a week
$140 per term

These classes are designed to grow young students into music by embracing movement, singing, actions, playing instruments, and creating music - all the fundamental aspects needed to grow them into choosing an instrument to pursue further when they are ready.


In these sessions students will develop in-tune singing using hand signs, play a range of percussion and melodic instruments, and also begin conventional music literacy starting with pictorial notation and leading towards conventional notation.


Our older students will also get tasters of instruments such as xylophones, ukulele, recorder and hand drums.

Intro to Music for ages 3-4

Saturday 9:30-10:15am

Intro to Music for ages 4-5

Wednesday 3:45-4:30pm

Intro to Music for ages 6-7

Wednesday 4:30-5:15pm

Intro to Music for ages 5-7

Saturday 10:15-11:00am

Music Class

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