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Early Learners Music Development Programme

We offer the following Levels in the Early Learners Music Development Programme:


LEVEL 3 - Age 3

LEVEL 4 - Age 4

Classes are 45 minute sessions once a week.

These sessions include singing, playing and moving in a variety of ways. Children play a range of percussion instruments focusing on basic concepts of loud/soft, fast/slow, and start/stop. Action songs, circle dances, and creative movement with streamers, scarves and ribbons are included. Props such as puppets, soft toys and musical stories help children to unleash the dramatic side of their personality.

LEVEL 3 includes percussion, learning hand signs to develop in-tune singing, chime bars for steady beat accompaniment, and pitch exploration of high and low sounds.

LEVELS 4 includes tuned percussion and pictorial notation leading towards conventional notation.

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How Can Music Benefit Your Child?

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Typical Components of a Preschool Session

Each lesson comprises the following sections:


  • Greeting: A movement song for greeting, stimulating the vestibular system, and energizing the brain and body.

  • Warm-up Activity: Including focusing on in-tune singing and awareness of rhythms.


The development of in-tune singing includes Solfège hand signs and the Kids Music Company Body Scale© to establish a secure base for understanding intervals or note relationships. The hand signs are a traditional well-known system used in the Kodaly method. But, in our programme, we relate parts of our body to the pitch levels before using hand signs, so children have a more solid understanding of the pitch through physical, visual, and tactile stimulation.


  • Energizer: Gross-motor movement song, often linked to a related instrument song.

  • Instrument: An instrument song: for non-melodic percussion.

  • Action Song: Extra non-melodic songs for the 3 year olds to further develop skills in the playing of non-melodic percussion instruments.

  • Melodic instrument:

        -  For yellow levels and above, developing playing techniques on melodic percussion instruments en masse, and     

            melodic percussion instruments in ensemble with other non- melodic percussion instruments.

        -  For Blue level and above, descant recorder and ukulele will be added.

  • Visual / Listening / Notation: Listening games and notation activities develop abilities to read and notate sounds in a sequence.

  • 3-D Colour Song: A prop song using either individual props for children or a large shared prop. This includes tiny teddy bears, scarves, ribbons, raffia, or large items, such as the parachute or stretchy ring.

  • Warm Down: A visual activity on the whiteboard or other fine motor wind-down activity.

  • Closing: A cheerful coordination song to signal the end of the lesson.


We offer the following Music Levels:


LEVEL 5 - Age 5

LEVEL 6 - Ages 6 - 7

Classes are a 45 minute session once a week for Levels 4/5,

and a 60 minute session once a week for Levels 5/6.

These sessions build on LEVEL 4 as described above, using

chime bars, tuned percussion, and hand signs to develop

in-tune singing. The sessions also include pictorial notation,

leading towards conventional notation.

In these classes we play melodic instruments such as wooden xylophones, marimba, chime bars and non- melodic percussion instruments such as djembe drums, woodblock etc. Instruments are often played in parts, developing understanding of steady beat, rhythm, and pitch.


Children begin conventional music literacy and continue the development of in-tune singing with hand signs.  Improvisational opportunities are provided during instrument playing or moving.

Level 6 includes opportunities to play keyboard, ukulele, recorder and guitar.


The Levels are designed to grow students through a ‘taster’ course of several instruments, getting them on the road to knowing which instrument they would like to pursue further.  Level 6 continues to embrace movement, singing, action songs, playing and creating music as with the previous foundational levels.  A great all rounder course and particularly ideal for these age groups.



*These two programmes have been developed by Excite Academy although they may use some of Kids Music Company International's material*



We offer lessons in the following instruments:

Drums | Guitar | Bass Guitar | Violin | Viola Cello | Flute | Trumpet | Saxophone | Ukulele Keyboard | Piano | Vocals | Choir


Options are available for private lessons, shared lessons (2-4 students) and group classes (5-10 students.) 

Private lessons are 20-30 minute sessions once a week.

Shared lessons are 30-45 minute sessions once a week.

Group classes are 30-60 minute sessions once a week.

Please note that at this time we do not offer drums in shared or group lessons.

If you do not find what you are looking for, please enquire, as we are open to offering more!



This is a great start to the performing world and is catered to the young imaginative mind. An introduction to vocal ensemble is just part of what makes learning fun!


Students are encouraged to show their personalities through their singing, and song choices reflect the energy this group displays. As a group, techniques such as proper breathing and annunciation are introduced, and basic performance elements are established, such as posture and facial expression.


Students will learn to perform in larger and smaller groups, helping them become confident in their own abilities as performers.


Join us for a fun, informal, no-singing-experience-necessary rehearsal at Excite Academy.

If you've been here before, it'll be great to see you again - and if this is your first rehearsal, it'll be great to meet you!

We rehearse Monday nights from 7.00-8.00pm. Singing original arrangements from a variety of genres such as RnB, soul, pop and more. We offer a great space to build your creativity and confidence (as well as make some lovely new friends).

If you'd just like to come along and sing then that’s great too! This is the perfect place to create community, have fun and enjoy singing. We look forward to seeing you!

Long-term benefits from these workshops will include:
  • Learning scansion/ rhyme scheme - rhythmic patterns in each line of a song and different poetry strategies

  • Lyricism - brainstorming games, song writing strategies to overcome writer's block, and how to use grammar in a song e.g. metaphors and adjectives

  • Instrumentation/Arrangement - basic skills to help set lyrics to music and write a melody, how to write the song down with the chords over top, chords structures and scales, and how to create emotivity and prosodi through the relationship between the lyrics, melody, and arrangement

  • Recording and notation - basic skills in songwriting programmes such as Sibelius and Logic, writing sheet music and how to record a demo

  • Gigging and gear - introducing students to performance opportunities, learning how to set up sound equipment and taking care of it, how to apply for a busking permit, how to find events needing musical entertainment and putting together a press kit to promote themselves

  • Students will have added opportunities to play each other's songs,  go busking together, and perform at events

Suitable for beginner/experienced songwriters aged 9-16 with some experience in vocals and/or instruments. Opportunities available for Adult sessions - please enquire


These fortnightly workshops are designed to help develop and enhance song writing skills in a group setting with added opportunities to perform and develop their repertoire. Students will have the opportunity to bring songs they have written, or works in progress, perform to the group and receive constructive feedback.


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