Meet Our Team

Celia Williamson
Co-director | H.O.D. Music | Music Tutor

Celia has lived in Hamilton all her life, raising six children and currently has 12 grandchildren! She is very passionate about family, and has always been able to make anyone she meets feel a part of hers. She has spent the past 20 years teaching in the classroom and as a music specialist in schools, helping train Music Teachers in the Waikato, and helping to plan and implement professional development and support for teachers in the greater Waikato Area. She was also on the New Zealand Music Education Board (MENZA) for a time.

"Music has been a huge part of my life. As long as I am hearing, playing or teaching music I am excited!”

                                                                        - Celia Williamson

Kim Williamson
Co-director | H.O.D. Art | Art Tutor

Kim completed a Bachelor of Media Arts at Wintec in 2014, majoring in Painting and Illustration. She then returned to postgraduate study while working at Excite and graduated with First Class Honors in Painting in 2019. From the time she was young, Kim has been influenced by the arts and now loves to find creative new ways to share and teach her passions in the arts to others.


Kim heads up the Art Team, does all our graphics and maintains our website, and many other jobs around Excite.

Ashiya Inglis
Art Assistant
Amy Chaplow.jpg
Amy Chaplow
Reception  |  Art Assistant
Briar Salt
Emily Donderwinkel.jpg
Emily Donderwinkel
Vasa Faaosofia (3).jpg
Vasa Fa'aosofia
Co-HOD Music
Vocal Tutor
Kelly P.JPG
Kelly Petersen
HOD Theatre
Theatre  |  Vocal  |  Piano Tutor
Drew Carter.jpg
Drew Carter
Drum + Guitar Tutor
Mitch Walker.jpeg
Mitch Walker
Drum + Guitar Tutor
Sam Knox.jpg
Sam Knox
Drum + Guitar Tutor
Robin copy.jpeg
Robin Mark
Drum + Guitar Tutor
Gabriel Williams
Guitar + Piano Tutor
Teia Drysdale
Piano + Vocal Tutor
Josh Dawson.jpg
Joshua Dawson
Piano Tutor
Anna Speed
Violin Tutor
Kartika Sulistiowati
Violin Tutor
Adelene Imlach
Dance  |  Acro  |  Cirque Tutor
Holly Minchington
Dance  |  Acro  |  Cirque Tutor
Aaliyah Reade
Dance  |  Acro  |  Cirque Tutor
Sam Eva copy.jpg
Sam Eva
Art Tutor
Payton Davys-Olsen
Art Tutor
Emmanuelle Weilert
Dance Assistant