Term information will be posted before the term commences

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Terms + Conditions

Any person enrolled at Excite Academy ‘EA’ agrees to the following terms and conditions. 



1.1 Term Length: EA follows the New Zealand primary school term dates and public holidays. Lesson fees advertised are reflective of a 10 week term so may vary depending on the term length. All public holidays are observed at EA.


1.2 Rollover Booking: Once enrolled at EA, you have automatically created a rollover booking until the end of the current year. Unless we, EA, receive written confirmation of termination of withdrawal from classes or lessons, your enrolment will be continued. 

1.3 Fee Payment: Your initial enrolment is not confirmed until:

1.3 a) the full term payment has been made;

1.3 b) a Debit Success account has been created and EA has been notified.

EA reserves the right to deny a student to a lesson if payment has not been made. Any student with unpaid fees will be contacted by EA in order to establish a payment plan.


1.4 Debit Success: For any customer not paying their fees in full prior to starting classes or lessons, Debit Success (DS) is used to collect payment. DS has their own set of Terms and Conditions.


1.5 Withdrawal or Cancellations: Enrolling in any session at EA secures your space irrespective of attendance. Any cancellations of rollover enrolments need to be made in writing before Week 1 of the new term. Verbal withdrawals/cancellations will not be accepted. Late cancellations or mid-term withdrawals will be liable to pay a $50 administration fee which will be deducted from paid fees before any refunds are processed. Any enrolment paying via Debit Success who cancels before the minimum term of 10 weeks will be charged a $50 minimum term dishonour fee alongside their final payment. 


2.1 Communication: All official information regarding lessons and classes will be communicated via our administration email:


2.2 Absences: Any absentees need to be communicated to the above email address as early as possible.

2.2 a) Absences for Classes and Group sessions will not be entitled to a makeup, credit, or refund, unless in extenuating circumstances at EA’s discretion;

2,2 b) Absences for Individual sessions communicated with less than 6 hours notice of the enrolled session will not be entitled to a makeup, credit, or refund; 

2.2 c) Absences for Individual sessions communicated with more than 6 hours notice of the enrolled session may be entitled to a makeup, credit, or refund at EA’s discretion; 

2.2 d) If a teacher is unable to give a scheduled session, you will automatically be eligible for a makeup, credit, or refund at EA’s discretion.


2.3 Makeups: Where eligible and available, makeup sessions will be offered. In the case of a missed makeup session, or lack of communication in arrangement, you will forfeit the missed session.


2.4 Credits and Refunds: Credits and refunds will be issued at EA’s discretion, according to the eligibility of the session.



3.1 Medical information: In the interests of the student's well-being whilst in the Teacher's care, the Teacher must be informed of any medical or other condition affecting the student.


Absence Due to Illness:

3.2 a) If a student is unwell, they should not attend their sessions in person at EA while displaying symptoms. Online learning may be an option, please enquire when giving notice of absence due to illness.

3.2 b) If a student is displaying any symptoms of illness, EA team members are able to deny lessons for the safety of the team and other customers.


3.3 Behavioural Information: In the best interests of the teacher and the well-being of all students, EA must be informed of any specific behavioural or mental barriers to learning before the student attends any sessions. Additionally, we request we be informed of any specific knowledge needed to support the student while learning at EA. 


3.4 Student care: EA team members and staff are not responsible for students outside of the agreed lesson time(s). 

3.4 a) Students must be signed in and out of the premises each time they attend a session. Students under the age of 16 must be signed in/out by a parent/caregiver. 

3.4 b) Children under the age of four must have a parent/caregiver accompanying them at all times. 


3.5 Electronics: EA does not take any responsibility for the safety of any electronic devices bought onto our site by any patrons. If an electronic device is required to aid their lessons, students are to ask their tutor’s permission first before doing this. 


3.6 Respect: Students enrolled in our programmes will respect the teachers, each other and all equipment. Failure to do so will result in a discussion with the primary guardian, and a review of the student’s enrolment at EA.



4.1 Advertising: EA will occasionally photograph or video classes and may use video footage or pictures for minor promotional or training purposes, such as in house promotional material or social media. You agree to image/s being used for these purposes, unless written notification to the contrary is provided at enrolment. For any major promotional material, you will be contacted and permission requested.


4.2 Personal details:  EA will not share your details with any third party without your written consent. 


4.3 Copyright: You agree not to make copies of any parts of EA curriculums and will protect all recordings of sessions or curriculum material from being copied by others.