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About our Theatre Classes

Drama and Musical Theatre are fantastic outlets for creativity, and massive confidence boosters in children.

In our Theatre classes, students will get to:

Develop confidence both on and off the stage

Communicate effectively

Build creativity

Examine the world around them


Importance of different roles in the theatre

Manage time

Work with different groups of people

And more!


Drama Classes

60 min class once a week
$170 per term

Learning drama provides students with transferable life skills that will help all areas of their lives. Expanding their creativity and imagination boosts brain development and functioning, and promotes learning in all areas. Creativity also involves critical thinking, planning, problem-solving, and focus. Drama equips students with the skills necessary to express their opinions and thoughts with eloquence – building their confidence, and ability in public speaking.  


Whether the aim of our students is to enter into community theatre, prepare for high school Drama classes, or just to have some fun learning in a pressure free environment, Excite is the perfect place.

Drama for ages 8-11

Thursday 3:30-4:30pm

Thursday 4:30-5:30pm

Drama for ages 12+

Thursday 6:30-7:30pm

musical theatre

60 min class once a week
$170 per term

Musical Theatre is a branch of theatre that tells stories through song. It combines singing, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance, allowing students to develop skills in many areas of the performing arts, making them a true ‘Triple Threat’.

These classes are designed to take our students on a journey through the many faceted world of Musical Theatre. Throughout the year they will learn how to work with different groups of people, explore different genres, learn about stage techniques and how to develop a character, develop stage presence, and take exciting trips to the mysterious universe of backstage.

Each term, we will learn about, and perform a song from, a different musical. The musicals will be chosen in conference with the class, but will reflect a wide range of genres. The songs chosen will reflect the maturity of the age group. However, all songs chosen will have an empowering and uplifting message. 

The older classes will require acting with more complex emotions, greater vocal technique, and more intricate choreography.  All students will get a chance to sing individually, as well as part of a group to increase their confidence. 

Musical Theatre for ages 9-13

Thursday 5:30-6:30pm


performance troupe

60 min class once a week
$170 per term

This is an exciting new class for our up-and-coming theatre enthusiasts! With a huge focus on acting in context, this class will be continually working towards performance pieces. We will explore scripts and devised pieces in a range of genres, and delve deeper into the history of theatre, and what makes a great script. 


The aim of this class is to teach the skills that students will need to enter professional or community theatre. Even though the focus is on acting, students will also have the chance to learn about directing, and playwriting through experience. 


This class can be thought of as an extension drama class where students will be challenged to take on more serious roles, develop a broader understanding of how a play is put on, and gain experience performing in front of a crowd more often. 


Please Note: To join this class, there is a requirement that the student is either participating in an Excite Theatre class already or has had previous Theatre training. This class will require a high level of commitment as learning lines and practicing scenes will be expected to be completed at home.

Performance Troupe for ages 12-17

Thursday 6:30-7:30pm

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