Drama is a fantastic outlet for creativity and a marvellous confidence-booster. Here at Excite, students will join the creative world of Drama in a safe and nurturing environment. 


Learning drama provides students with transferable life skills that will help all areas of their lives. Expanding their creativity and imagination boosts brain development and functioning, and promotes learning in all areas. Creativity also involves critical thinking, planning, problem-solving, and focus. Drama equips students with the skills necessary to express their opinions and thoughts with eloquence – building their confidence, and ability in public speaking.  


Whether the aim of our students is to enter into community theatre, prepare for high school Drama classes, or just to have some fun learning in a pressure free environment, Excite is the perfect place.

All of our drama classes are separated into different age groups – with the content targeted to their abilities. Below is a brief outline of the kinds of things we will cover in each class throughout the year.

Students learn to:


  • Develop confidence both on and off the stage. Drama is a fantastic way to build confidence, as the self-confidence that is built inside the drama classroom often translates to the wider world.

  • Interpret texts. We will be exploring several different scripts during our classes, students will likely be exposed to new reading material, and encouraged to interpret it in new and exciting ways.

  • Communicate effectively. Through vocal work in term two, and frequent in-class discussions throughout the year, students will begin to see a difference in their communication skills. They will find themselves able to speak more clearly, and be more eager to take part in conversations around them.

  • Build creativity. A large part of our classes will be creating, and expanding the students’ creative minds. Throughout the terms they will be asked to create short scenes, to imagine things are there that are not, and to make props out of ordinary objects.

  • Examine the world around them. Throughout the year students will be encouraged to bring in stories or themes that interest them as a starting point for our creative process. This is a great way to get our students actively involved in discussions about current events.


Every lesson includes:


  • Warm up games - To get the students ready for the day’s lesson.

  • Focus games - To get the students settled. Focusing them on the class and not on the outside world.

  • Creative activities - To develop original ideas and to work on the topic of the term.

  • Class discussions - To understand where the class focus is, and what the students wish to explore further.


All classes are 60 minutes long, once a week. 

AGES 6 - 8

The main goal of drama at this age level is to increase confidence performing in front of people, and to encourage a love for drama. Classes involve a lot of games and “play” to learn the skills and techniques for stage acting.

AGES 9 - 12

Drama classes for 9-12 year old students will involve more disciplined performances than the 6-8 year old class. Exercises will be used to gain skills that will contribute towards a performance product each term.   

AGES 13 - 17

These classes will give the students the skills they require for acting in community theatre, but will also enhance their understanding and ability in NCEA drama at school. The curriculum will be more driven by the students than in the 9-12s class, and the exact pieces of theatre we study will be chosen with input from the students.


The Adult Drama lessons will critically approach theatre technique, and will delve into what it means to be a performer with great stage presence. These classes will involve a lot of experimentation with different acting theories, and will focus on unlocking abilities, and discovering practitioners.



We are now offering Speech and Drama lessons at Excite!

Speech and Drama lessons help children develop self-confidence, self-discipline and creativity. Our students will learn how to project their voice, enunciate and communicate clearly, and portray various characters. They gain presentation skills, learn the importance of movement and body language, and become better communicators.


The speech and drama lessons can either be taken in groups or individually. Group lessons will follow the ‘Trinity Guide to Speech and Drama’ lessons. This means that the students will be able to sit the Trinity exams if they would like to. Please note that sitting the Trinity exam involves an extra cost that is not included in the Excite lesson prices. Group lessons will involve reading poetry and prose, storytelling, sight reading, debating, acting out scenes, miming, and improvising scenes. 


Individual lessons can be more tailored to suit the individual. We can modify lessons to be more focused on acting, diction and enunciation, public speaking, presentation skills, speech writing skills etc, or can cover a base of everything. 

Classes offered are:

Initial Grade for ages 5+

Grade 1 for ages 7+

Grades 2-3 for ages 8+ 

Higher grades can be taken through individual lessons.

Classes are held in either 30 or 60 minute sessions depending on the difficulty level of the Speech and Drama grade.


Musical Theatre is a branch of theatre that tells stories through song. It combines singing, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance, allowing students to develop skills in many areas of the performing arts, making them a true ‘Triple Threat’.

These classes are designed to take our students on a journey through the many faceted world of Musical Theatre. Throughout the year they will learn how to work with different groups of people, explore different genres, learn about stage techniques and how to develop a character, develop stage presence, and take exciting trips to the mysterious universe of backstage.

Each term, we will learn about - and perform a song from – a different musical. The musicals will be chosen in conference with the class, but will reflect a wide range of genres. The songs chosen will reflect the maturity of the age group. However, all songs chosen will have an empowering and uplifting message. 

The older classes will require acting with more complex emotions, greater vocal technique, and more intricate choreography.  All students will get a chance to sing individually, as well as part of a group to increase their confidence. 

Students learn to:


  • Multitask. As we learn both on-stage and off-stage roles, students will have to learn to balance the two.

  • Importance of different roles in the theatre. As we explore the many different roles that go into putting on a production, students will develop an appreciation for how much work goes on behind the scenes.

  • Manage time. Students will learn the meaning of a “quick change” and begin to understand how well you need to manage your time in order to ensure you don’t miss your cues.

  • Quickly switch between roles. As we learn about the role of the “chorus” in Musical Theatre, students will be taking on many different roles and will learn to quickly change characters.

  • Work with different groups of people. As we switch between solo work, duets, and group work, students will quickly discover that one has to adapt to different groups of people in the theatre.

Classes will include:


  • Solo singing

  • Duet singing

  • Chorus singing

  • Basic Musical Choreography

  • Acting in Musical Theatre

  • Costume Design

  • Prop Design

  • Hair and Makeup Design

  • Backstage Work

  • Backstage Etiquette

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