About our Dance Classes

At Excite Academy we aim to offer all types dance for all types of students - dance for fun, dance for competitions and performances, and dance for exams. Our dance classes are designed to be a place where students are able to thrive, succeed, have fun, and be encouraged no matter what their ability. 


All of our classes come with many benefits which include fitness, flexibility, posture, etiquette and of course, confidence!  Students will also have performance opportunities throughout the year at our showcases.

Read on for information on our Acro and Performance Dance, Creative Combination Dance, Hip Hop, and Cirque Dance.

acro dance

45 - 60 min classes once a week

Classes available for ages 5 - Adults

Acro dance is a modern style of dance that combines acrobatics and dancing.  In these classes, students will learn classic gymnastics and acrobatic skills that have been specifically formatted for dancers.


Our classes have a large focus on three different things: strength, flexibility and tricks! Students will learn acrobatic tricks such as splits, handstands, cartwheels, elbow stands, chest stands, walkovers, partner balances and basic tumbling moves.  All of these tricks and the strength and flexibility element are combined together to create dances to fast or slow music that incorporate jazz and contemporary/lyrical.


At Excite Academy, we follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus where students are grouped by ability starting with primary level and continuing from 1 to 6.  Students will be assessed prior to joining an acro class to determine what level group they should be in.  Throughout the year, students are given opportunities to perform their skills and if they would like, complete examinations.

performance dance

60 min class once a week

Our performance team consists of students who dance to a higher level and desire more of a challenge than the regular classes.  The students have a range of abilities and styles so we are open to any dancer joining if they have the right attitude and work ethic.  All students in the cperformance team are required to take one other dance class at Excite.


In this class students will work as a group to learn dances that will be performed and competed locally. The choreography will be catered to the students in the classes but are typically of acro, contemporary, lyrical or jazz style.


If you or your child want to be considered, please contact us to be sent our information regarding commitment and to schedule a time to meet the teacher and be assessed for the group.

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hip hop

45 - 60 min classes once a week

Classes available for ages 6 - Adults

Hip Hop, or street dance, is one of the most versatile dance disciplines in the world. There are countless different dance styles involved including lyrical, wacking, popping, locking, krumping and many more. We involve all these genres into our dance routines to create fun, creative classes that suit all types of dancers.


For all our classes, learning choreography and sets offers opportunities to perform in productions and events.

creative combination

30 - 60 min classes once a week

Classes available for ages 3+

These classes provide your young dancer access to technical and artistic skills of ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance skills taught at an age appropriate level through a fun and creative lens. Dancers will have the opportunity to learn more than steps and routines as they explore and develop performance quality, artistic use of the elements of dance, and the creativity of dance making. This is a fantastic introduction to movement that is sure to have your dancer in love with the artistic medium of dance and prepared for further training in any style! 

Dance Cirque

60 min classes once a week

Dance Cirque Circus Classes are new and unique for children over 5 years of age. Watch as your child meets new friends, gains confidence and learns new skills in this super fun class. Class includes circuits, Lyra, silks, trapeze, juggling, hula hoops and more all under the supervision of our fully qualified teachers.


LIttle monkeys

45 min classes once a week

Little Monkeys Circus Classes are super fun for preschoolers 2-5 years of age. Watch your little one gain confidence and learn new skills. Classes include basic tumbling, interactive circuits, balance beams, silks, juggling, hula hoops, and more all under the supervision of our fully qualified teachers.

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