About our Dance Classes

At Excite Academy we aim to offer all types dance for all types of students - dance for fun, dance for competitions and performances, and dance for exams. Our dance classes are designed to be a place where students are able to thrive, succeed, have fun, and be encouraged no matter what their ability. 


All of our classes come with many benefits which include fitness, flexibility, posture, etiquette and of course, confidence!  Students will also have performance opportunities throughout the year at our recitals and concerts.

How do our Dance Classes Work?

We want our students to learn to dance their own style. Unlike other dance schools, we have designed our curriculum to allow dancers to learn through experiencing multiple styles in one dance class. Our style units provide strong foundational knowledge of a wide range of dance styles, as well as allowing each class to be uniquely designed to match our student’s interests. All of our dance classes are centred around safe, correct techniques, in order to let our dancers find and grow their own style in a safe, positive environment.

Style Units will include: Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz, Musical Theatre dance, Hip Hop, Urban, Funk, and more!

Pre - dance

30 min classes once a week
$120 per term

Pre-dance is our preschool dance class that prepares our students to become happy, confident dancers. These classes are taught through multiple stylised units, each unit corresponding to a dance style where basic mobility and movement patterns are taught and then built into small dances.

Pre-Dance for ages 3-4

Saturday 11:15-11:45am

intro to dance

45 min class once a week
$140 per term

This class builds on the knowledge taken from Pre-Dance (however Pre-Dance is not a requirement).


The style units for Intro to Dance will introduce more specialised techniques specific to the dance styles learnt. This will include slightly more in-depth teaching of the style, new steps/techniques, and longer routines and exercises.


These classes can be uniquely tailored to fit each set of students and still provide room for creativity and exploration. 

Intro to Dance for ages 5-7

Monday 5:30-6:15pm

Tuesday 3:45-4:30pm

Saturday 11:45am-12:30pm


Specialised style classes for ages 8-15

These classes focus on specific sets of styles for our older students who have already found their favourites.


60 min classes once a week
$170 per term

Flow is our own stylised class following and combining the flow, grace and control found in Ballet, Lyrical, and Contemporary.


While these classes share common foundations this class will look at movement patterns and textures that make these styles different. It will also continue the growth of technique and look at teaching choreography techniques and styles common to these dances. 

'Flow' for ages 8-10

Monday 6:15-7:15pm


'Flow' for ages 11+

Monday 7:15-8:15pm


60 min classes once a week
$170 per term


This is our energetic Jazz-based class. This class will be fast-paced and high energy taking inspiration from a range of Jazz and Musical Theatre dance styles.


Students will continue learning technique and the expanding of steps from these styles, as well as learning common choreography styles, steps, and groupings.


60 min classes once a week
$170 per term

Our Up-Beat class will be looking at old skool and modern commercial styles of Hip Hop, Urban and Funk dances.


This is our funky groovy class that builds from our old skool roots in these styles and carries them into the modern commercial styles we see today.

'Ener-Jazz' for ages 8-10

Tuesday 4:30-5:30pm

'Up-Beat' for ages 8-10

Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm

'Up-Beat' for ages 11+

Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm



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